About 4P&P

Up to 82%. That is how many purchasing decisions your customers make based on information on the sales floor. Here at 4P&P, we know exactly how to use this number to your advantage - how to influence the consumer’s purchasing behavior and vastly improve your sales results.

We focus on doing what we do best – increasing both your sales and brand awareness.

We will deliver a complete project – from the initial creative pitch down to the implementation at the point of sale. We will of course gladly be of assistance in the areas of SALES PROMOTION,  SALES FORCE, INSTORE INSIGHTS, POS LOGISTICS, CREATIVE & DTP STUDIO.

We always strive to form long-term relationships with our clients, building mutual trust and support. We believe that this approach guarantees a job well-done and promises success on both sides – and not just in the short term. This is why we always approach each client individually, allowing us to deliver truly effective solutions.

The basic foundations of our work:

Thanks to the many years of experience of our entire team, we know the market through and through. Our tailor-made solutions will always be as efficient as possible.

We recognize the uniqueness of every project and offer solutions that meet your specific needs. But having a good solution is not enough for us. We will always strive to go the extra mile, take that extra step, to make it even better.

Accuracy is the cornerstone of every relationship, whether it is a one-time project or long-term partnership. Careful planning, meeting deadlines and precise results - no matter what.

Keeping promises
After years of experience, we know exactly what is possible and what isn’t. This is why we only make realistic promises, which we always fulfill. Our projects are successful because, simply put, they respond to the market as it really is.

Working with people
At 4P&P, you are not buying a product, but an approach – built on our team of people whose training and development we have invested a great deal in. In the area of people development we are supported by our sister company AS Talent. This team spans the entire country and also boasts an extensive database of external partners. This allows us to accommodate even your most demanding of needs.

The satisfaction of our clients also allows us to share our successes and help others. In cooperation with the Svejcar Foundation, we have helped improve the conditions of seriously ill children and their doctors at the Clinic of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine in Prague. We also support the non-profit organizations “Health Clown” in the Czech Republic and “Red Nose” in Slovakia, bringing joy to children in hospitals. We have also recently made a charitable donation to Slavata Tour, which provides aid to children from orphanages and underprivileged families. We are part of Advantage Smollan, global provider of innovative sales and marketing solutions. 

We are 4P&P

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