Instore Insights

We make over 500 000 store visits every year. We thus have a large amount of data at our fingertips, allowing us to analyze the market and improve your sales activities right at your sales location. Thanks to this data, you will always have full control over the results of all of your sales partners and sales teams. You can always compare figures from different retail locations and keep track of your brand’s overall position in the market and market trends. Our job is to use these figures to propose new strategies and optimize your existing ones. In order to streamline our processes, we use our own internal “Perfect Store” system, which utilizes all of your data to generate a clear and concise business report.
Instore Insights

Our main INSTORE INSIGHTS activities include

Shopper research

We will inspect the quality of your product’s presentation and promotion directly in the store via crowdsourcing – large networks of real consumers. Thanks to their feedback, you will save up to 50% of your time on store visits and can review the results in just a few hours. Crowdsourcing is a quick, easy, accessible and cost-effective way to ensure that your products are being effectively presented at your sales locations.

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